Servers – Microsoft or Linux

So, the quickest way to get nerds to argue is bring up which operating systems are better. Windows, Mac or Linux, what’s your pleasure?
I’m going to focus on Windows (Server 2016) and Linux (Ubuntu 18.04 as of this writing). Sorry Mac, you’ll get your own article later.
Ok, so the debate rages. On one hand you have the Microsoft haters. They everything there is Microsoft. MS is the Anti-Christ, that sort of thing. They are die hard Linux, or Mac people and can get very passionate about the subject. Though there are plenty of Anti- Apple folks as well.
So, I am studying for my first MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) for Windows Server 2016. I have it running on my Linux server in a virtual machine. Virtual Box is also running Windows 10 Professional as well.
I am a big fan of Linux, and of Ubuntu more specifically. It was the operating system of choice when I set out to build my home server. I have since applied some pretty good upgrades to it as well.
Ok, back to the focus of the article. Both server systems serve the needs of the people who use them just fine. I have come across very few businesses in the Dallas / Fort Worth area that are set up with Linux for their server / operating system.
Microsoft is pretty much ruling the roost right now. The big war going on right now is with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the cloud wars. Amazon is slightly ahead of the game, but Microsoft’s Azure is right on their heels. It’s because Amazon started out first and went big. Google Cloud Service is also in there, but they are more like Dodge in the American made car battles.
Like I mentioned earlier, my home network server is Ubuntu. It does the job I need it to do. It is a great system if you have about 15-25 employees, and you want to run a cost-effective file server, web server, or integrate multiple services in one machine.
The reality of the situation is that most of these operating systems now run some sort of VM Ware and with everything moving to cloud, you will be hard pressed to big networks with on-premise servers much longer.
Windows Server 2016 has one stand-out feature over the others. The pure scalability of it. You can manage a company of thousands, like 100,000+ people with it! Active Directory Domain Services is incredible. Being able to serve that many users says a lot about it, and how it benefits big companies.
So, now that I’ve got some of my fellow nerds worked up, if you want to learn more and see what type of I.T. services are right for your company, check out the guys at XL DIGITAL MEDIA, they are experts at this kind of thing and love to talk to just about anyone who will listen to them!

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